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Happy Monday!

Here is my most recent therapy material shopping trip. This time I frequented a couple Dollar Trees. They have a lot of cute bright colored plastic baskets there that I use to organize all of my Teachers Pay Teachers materials. My mom recently bought the cute boxes (see photo) at the Dollar Tree. I haven’t found those yet, but will keep my eye out. If you have any other good finds, please comment below.

Here is what I bought:

  • The baking sheet I plan to use for some magnetic categorizing pictures that I bought on clearance at Lakeshore (similar to these)

However, I probably paid under $20 for just the magnets at the time and I’ve been using them with cups or just on my therapy table. I think it will be fun to use them on the baking sheet. I also have plastic letters that I figured I could use this for spelling, phonological awareness, and articulation practice.


  • Mechanical pencils: For my treasure box (mainly the older students)


  • Bubble wand- I’m excited about this find. I bought this with the intent to utilize it in the ladder phases of PECS. I plan to have smaller bubble bottles of different colors as choices. If the student wants the bubble wand they need to request “I want the big, red bubbles” versus just requesting “I want bubbles.” I can replace “big” with synonyms of the word with huge, gigantic, etc. to expand vocabulary.


  • Cutouts: I was thinking of various bulletin board ideas when purchasing these. What do you think about “You are a star in speech and language,” “Fishing for good speech and language skills,” or “Hopping into another year of speech and language.” If you have any other ideas, comment below!

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