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Happy Monday! Here are some more therapy materials I have found REALLY cheap! Hey, I am my mother’s daughter and I love to save money! Two weeks ago I dragged my mother in law with me to Office Max to help buy some of the products since there is a limit (usually five or 10 item limit if they are priced at a penny). This year Office Max and Office Depot have started to merge companies, so it makes shopping easier for me! I used to get so confused on differentiating the sales between the two. Although these sales were two weeks ago, these stores are always running these type of sales until August (I’m assuming September for the northern states). Office Max and Office Depot usually require a $5 minimum to buy the penny items but that’s easy for me when I find the dollar items.

Here’s what I found:

  • Two pocket folders ($.01 each, 10 item maximum) : I use these for the students to carry around their own “speech folders.” The students can bring their speech homework home in these and any other type of communication I want to send home. I write on one pocket “Home” and the other pocket “Speech.” I provide extra stamps towards the treasure box if they return their homework signed. The speech and language students at the school I’m returning to next year are usually consistent in returning their folders to me. However, I have been at some schools that the students are not as consistent. I would recommend giving it a try if you can get them for a penny! I purchased all purple folders since that is our school color. Last year, we provided different colored folders for different grades, but it’s easier to replace speech folders (there will be some students that lose the folders, of course J ) if they are all one color.


  • Index cards ($.01 each, 5 item maximum): I like these for teaching vocabulary strategies with my students. See my blog for the vocabulary strategies I utilize:   Index cards can also be utilized for articulation activities. Students can think of words that include their speech sounds they are working on and keep the index cards in their folders. It’s more functional of an activity by bringing awareness of their speech sounds and you can address spelling strategies concurrently! This is easier for the therapist as well since you won’t have to search for worksheets or flashcards every session! If you have other uses for the index cards, comment below!
  • Multi-colored eraser tops ($.01 each, 5 item maximum): Self explanatory J however, they are also fun to put in your treasure box.


  • Scentos marker ($1): I used to buy these as a reinforcer for my PK –K students. I learned this from my coworker SLP who would draw a little picture on the student’s hand like a fish or a smiley face. This is a great way for them to make choices using vocabulary and attributes. I’m starting to buy more of these markers after I learned a new therapy idea from the PECS training. When the students advance to the answering questions, attributes and commenting phases, the students can comment on scented items such as markers and food. For example: What does this smell like? They would comment with their pictures “I smell watermelon.”


  • Sharpies ($1): Who doesn’t need a sharpie? I buy these on sale every year for the classroom and at home.


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